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Assured Expertise Since 1982

Asset Appraisal Service has been working with medical practices and ASC's since 1982. 

Be assured that our expertise can help you in managing your business.  

An apprasial from A.A.S. eliminates the unknown and assures you a complete understanding of the asset values you have built in your practice. 



"I wish we had contacted you sooner! We have saved time and money by utilizing your service"

Jerry Sturz, Administrator

Fritch Eye Care Center

Bakerfield, California

"The appraisal of my main practice and satellite location was even better than I had anticipated!

Elliot M. Kirstein, O.D.

Cincinnati, Ohio

"The information was assembled in a clear and organized manner! Impressive!"

Leisa Goodwinn C.S.T./C.F.A.

Office Manager

Maine Eye Center

Portland, Maine

"The comprehensive office appraisal proved to be invaluable!"

John M. Haley, M.D.

JMH Eye Associates

Garland, Texas